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SPA and JS - some progress

almost 2 years ago

A elegant survey application developed in PHP and JavaScript; almost on one Single Page.

Single Page Application development - with JavaScript frameworks

about 2 years ago

A dive into SPA development and resources on JS frameworks and libraries.

Super cheap cloud services for web application development

over 2 years ago

PaaS services for web application development; perhaps better choices than Heroku or Google App Engine.

Update about my notes application

over 2 years ago

My Python GTK+ notes application is on Github.

Creating a intuitive settings window with GTK

over 2 years ago

Thoughts about how a good settings window in a GTK application could look like; and a clever way how to integrate it in your Python code.

Reset the password of your web app

over 2 years ago

Ever forgot your password to your web app and did not know what to do? Then this article might be able to help you, especially if your data is stored in a Postgres database.

Major widgets used in my GTK notes app

almost 3 years ago

My first tutorial-like GTK article. It contains usage examples of Grid, Combo Box Text, Message Dialog and Textbuffer.

Resources on learning GTK development

almost 3 years ago

Covered in this article: popular free toolkits in comparison; links to GTK tutorials, API's and more.

Padrino - extra functionality via plugins and JavaScripts

almost 3 years ago

my Padrino series continues: Code highlighting, comments system, Protection plugins, integration of a WYSIWYG editor.

About the Tags feature of my Padrino blog

almost 3 years ago

This is the third article of my Padrino series: covering tags functionality. Some words about the preface feature.

Redesign of the Padrino blog

almost 3 years ago

This is the second article of my Padrino series: dedicated on the structural and style overhaul of my blog

Padrino - elegant Ruby framework with potential

almost 3 years ago

First article of my Padrino series: Short description and why I picked Padrino instead of other Web frameworks

About me and my plans with this Blog

almost 3 years ago

Welcome to my blog!